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The storyline of Doordarshan revolves around a North Indian family which is forces to recreate the Doordarshan era of the 1990s in the fast paced era of today, and what ensues is a hilarious turn of events.

Haunted Hills

The film ‘Haunted Hills’ revolves around a honeymoon couple. The wife dies accidentally, and her soul remains in a painting that she leaves incomplete.

Sabne Bana Di Jodi

<strong><em>Sabne Bana Di Jodi</em></strong><strong> </strong>is a horror comedy. The story is about a wedding of a Punjabi girl with her childhood love interest, a Punjabi boy. While she is extremely excited about the marriage, the boy isn’t because he loves someone else. The two families and everybody else around want the wedding to happen. Another problem… Read More »

Tauba Tera Jalwa

Uttar Pradesh’s real estate tycoon Romi Tyagi, who is  afraid of no one except god and only loves himself.Rinku, a very beautiful girl, who believes in fairy tales and is waiting for her prince charming.But the life of Rinku and Romi is going to change because Laila has entered in between them.Till now whatever  people… Read More »


<strong><em>Pagle Aazam</em></strong><strong><em> </em></strong>is the story of three friends who don’t have girlfriends. They love it when finally, they meet a girl and fall for her. They have a mission in life — to loot a don. What happens to their mission? And what comes out of their feelings for the girl they meet?

Yahan Sabhi Gyani Hain

Pappu Tiwari and his dysfunctional family have got by comfortably till now by selling his properties. Now, with only one ancestral property remaining and a financial crunch lingering on his head, Pappu is thinking of selling this ancestral land for a best possible price. But since this thought popped in his head, his late mother… Read More »

Phati Padi Hai Yaar

Phati Padi Hai Yaar is a struggling actor who goes on a wrong path after he fails to get a break in films. In hope to become an actor, Rushi (Indra Kumar) arrives in Mumbai from Delhi to become an actor. After rejections and failures, he is not able to handle the complications and takes… Read More »

Sound Of Water (Paani Ki Aawaz)

“We need to just understand the management of water for our “Present and Future”. This is a story of about Rohan (Abraam Pandey) and Pooja (Jashpreet Kaur) who are eager to learn about rain water harvesting in college. They set out to adopt the idea of conserving water. While they do face a lot of… Read More »

ACID – Astounding Courage In Distress

Even after 70 years of Independence, there is a segment of our society which has not freed from Its narrow-minded mentality. It’s a segment of male dominating society which consider women inferior to men and make them deprived of the respect they deserve for. Women is the mother of a society and a good society… Read More »

Pahala Pahala Pyar

Pahala Pahala Pyar is the story of three friends. David, his friend and friend’s girlfriend are needed to spend a night in a secluded house after their car breaks down during a picnic. Though warned by the caretaker to stay away from a particular room, David erroneously enters the room and starts sketching. As a… Read More »