“How can you take our name from one film, and use it for another”, asks Vishal Dadlani commenting on the ‘Dus Bahane’ remake

By | February 14, 2020

Over the past couple of years, remaking yesteryears track has become a rather popular trend. In fact, we have been seeing a number of recreated tracks being used in new films, which has in turn led to a rather ugly fight between music companies and musicians. Well, talking about this recently was Vishal Dadlani, who has been pretty vociferous about songs being recreated. Speaking to Bollywood Hungama about his track ‘Dus Bahane’ being recreated, an agitated Dadlani asks, “How can you take our name from one film, and use it for another?”

Explaining his viewpoint in detail, Vishal Dadlani continues, “It isn’t just about me when I said, ‘If you make a remix of any of my songs I will file a case against you’, it is all of us. Because we are here, standing right in front of you, just ask, take permission, let us listen to it. If I had signed on for any film 15-20 years ago, I had also signed an agreement to develop the music that would be featured on a certain actor. Now, you took songs from me for that particular film, without my permission how can you take it and put it in another film? And that too with someone else’s name, someone who I do not know at all… Maybe I will not like that person’s work at all… So you tell me now, how is this right? How can you take my name from one film, and use it for another? The name is mine right? And my name will always be connected to the song I created.”

Further going on to explain why their songs being recreated and credited to someone else is an issue for him, Dadlani explains, “See, basically musicians do not get paid a lot, we do make our money from shows; but when it comes to films, the payment is rather meagre. The reason musicians do films is so that twenty years later, a song will always be credited to the musician who created it. Like 20 years later as well, if someone is playing ‘Dus Bahane’, the names Vishal and Shekhar will still be attached to the track. But if you remove our names or put it eighth on the list, that is just unjust. One you are not respecting us, and second you are taking away our right, since our royalties are dependent on our credits. Someone creates 2 new lines and composes it, does that make the song his?”

Talking about the new track ‘Dus Bahane 2.0’ and a system Vishal concluded, “This happened with us with the track ‘Saki Saki’, after which I voiced my concerns. But thankfully after that Ahmed Khan, Sajid Nadiadwala and Bhushan Kumar all three called us, and Shekhar and me sat down and spoke. They were up front, that we have done this, and have already shot it, so you help us. That is when we heard the track, and helped them. Now with ‘Dus Bahane’ coming out, it is a Vishal – Shekhar track that Vishal and Shekhar have worked on. Now this is a system that should be continued and maintained.”