Dangerous Killer

By | February 6, 2020
Aman, Komal, Kavya, Sunny, Rhea, Nishant and Darsheel go to a resort which Aman’s father is desirous of purchasing. On the way to the resort, the seven friends see a mysterious lady in a white saree, roaming in the jungle. A tantrik warns them that a ghost roams in the area and she thirsts for human blood.

The friends reach the resort and are welcomed by maid Sheela. They enjoy themselves at the resort but sometimes see the lady in the white saree. They go to the jungle where they are attacked by someone. The friends soon return to the resort. Then, one by one, murders start taking place. Sunny, Rhea, Sheela and caretaker Guruji are murdered one after another. The tantrik is also murdered. The police finally solves the mystery. Who is the murderer? What’s the killer’s motive in killing so many people?